Kerri Bound

kerri bound

Mature Sensual Companion

Be adventure bound with me...

I am the quiet, nerdy, brainy girl you remember from college, but all grown up and with a more openly adventurous spirit than my introverted personality allowed back then. In the old days, I lived in a fantasy world, but nowadays, I live out my fantasy world. I am logic and reason juxtaposed with extreme sensuality and passion.

I offer companionship that is filled with caring, warmth, and compassion but without the drama associated with traditional dating. I get along best with those who savor great conversation and find my personality and interests intriguing, and I likewise enjoy learning more about my partners. I prefer longer dates with time to talk and get to know each other; those who are like-minded appreciate the depth and intensity such extended engagements offer. Establishing mental intimacy lets me create a memorable and truly exceptional time for my partners!

Discretion is very important to me since I have an established life outside of providing companionship, and I also respect your need for privacy as well.

If you think I have an excessive amount of text on my website, then I'm not the right companion for you, but on the other hand, if it sparks your desire, then we are likely a great match! I want to make sure we have an amazing time, and I believe that happens when my dates are intrigued mentally as well as physically.

I am available on a limited basis in San Diego, CA, but I can also travel to nearby regions (Orange County, LA, Palm Springs) or fly-me-to-you destinations. If you are interested in meeting, please plan on scheduling in advance.