Kerri Bound

kerri bound

Mature Sensual Companion

Time with me

My biggest asset is my mind, the driving force behind our desires, and I enjoy the sensual pleasures derived from the meeting of minds and flesh. Kissing, caresses, and passion are part of the ideal experience for me, and I'm attracted to those who are also curious, sensual, and imaginative. I love fulfilling fantasies, and even if I am not interested in something, I won't judge, but I will be honest with you if I don't think I'm the right companion for you. I only engage with those with whom I feel an interest and attraction so we have a geniune experience together.

Time with me is tailored to your desires and what you want to experience, and as such, I don't have a set "menu." I will instead give you some boundaries (playing safe is a must), and the rest is really guided by our chemistry! Please don't request to book time with me if you only want a quick experience or an item off a "menu!"

Educational background

I have a post-graduate STEM education, test extremely well both mathematically and verbally, and was accepted into highly competitive grad schools that ranked in the top 10 for my field with a full stipend. I'm even published in several peer-reviewed journals (and, yes, some as first author or first co-author). I don't say that to brag but to let you know that I have other talents outside of my life as a companion. My background also influences who I am, the way I think, and my interests. The difference it makes for me is that my interests range from the normal to the less common, and I'm very curious and quick to learn. Plus, I like having a deviant label, even if it's one based on percentiles:) However, rest assured, I'm not a pretentious egomaniac and am down-to-earth and genuinely happy, and that spills over into how I treat others.

My interests

Whether it's a possible new planet in our solar system or the latest political news, I love keeping up with current events. I am well-versed in many topics from biomedical research, computing, technology, and science to sci-fi and fantasy pop culture. I'm a bit of a nerd!

I love travel; I've been to most of the US states, 20 countries, and 4 continents, and I hope to add to that list significantly in my lifetime. I enjoy art & love to visit museums when traveling (even though I consider my own artistic talents to be less than superlative). I like indulging in nice, upscale accommodations, but I'm also willing to get off the beaten path, especially to see something remote and beautiful or unusual. I also enjoy hiking and observing nature. I can dress up or down as the occasion demands, and although I am not an extrovert, I find human nature intriguing and quite enjoy getting to know people on a more intimate level.

I am a very adventurous eater and cook and will try nearly everything at least once, and I love lavish establishments and dives alike. I only drink in moderation, but I drink wine regularly and enjoy experimenting with different varietals/growing regions to find the perfect food pairing. I'm also of late quite into single malt Scotch whisky. Although I don't consider myself a true beer connoisseur, I'm especially fond of Belgian-style doubles/triples/quads.

I'm a rather poor athlete (I'm probably a statistical deviation in how bad I am!), and to be honest, I only pay cursory attention to any team, but I do enjoy the camaraderie of watching a game with friends.

You can find out even more about me by following my Twitter feed.


5'6", 130 lbs, 36D, non-smoker, no tattoos

Name for public meetings: Kerri McChristy

Ancestry: Irish, Scottish, English, Scandinavian, and Northwestern European. Not surprisingly, I'm pale and freckled with blue-gray-green eyes.

I am a forty-something, but I have aged very well and genuinely pass for much younger. I'm an upfront person with no wish to mislead, so there is no need to add years to my age. Most expect me to look older, so if anything, expect a thirty-something face and body with a more mature mind. I have never smoked or used drugs and live a healthy lifestyle; that along with lucky genetics contributes to my relative youthfulness.

While I will make exceptions for role-play in private, I apply makeup with a light touch for a natural look. Although I am always well-groomed, I don't always sport polished nails. If you have a special cosmetic request, please let me know in advance. I also refrain from using heavy fragrance; when you leave you will have not have to worry about smelling like you bathed in perfume. I only wear very high heels (>4") to bed; if you love heels, again, let me know.

Reviews & References

I believe in playing it safe, sane, and consensual. I ask for references and your handles if you use forums/review sites. Preferred411 members, please send me a PM from the site. Note: I still confirm p411 references.

If I've seen you already, and you need a reference request/ok, please ask. I don't automatically give them out since many do not wish to disclose who they spend time with, but I am happy to provide a reference for you if we had a great time together.

I don't actively seek reviews.

Smoking and strong odors

I respect your right to smoke, but for the enjoyment of all, I am not a good fit as a companion to a smoker. I CAN tell if you smoke, no matter how much you wash, brush your teeth, change into clean clothes, or otherwise try to mask it. The smell comes from your lungs, so unless you work out some method of lung replacement, you'll still have smoker breath. If you make an appointment with me and are a smoker, I consider that a sign of disrespect and reserve the right to terminate our appointment immediately. I also ask that you don't overdo any cologne as I am very sensitive to many smells, not only smoke.