Kerri Bound

kerri bound

Mature Sensual Companion


Q: What is your personality type?
A: In the Meyers-Briggs world, INTJ, but with a mature emotional side, at least for an INTJ. While the test has many limitations and issues with reliability (it's not!), my distaste for gossip and love of reason (supported by data, of course!) are certainly traits that are typical of INTJs. I also am quite typical in my lack of respect for pointless traditions - which probably explains why I am able to enjoy relationships differently than many people.

Q: Why don't you have current reviews?
While I have never asked someone to refrain from writing a review, I don't actively seek new reviews since they often require embellishment and very explicit details to be published, and some of those details can cause safety and legal concerns. Additionally, the number of fake reviews is a problem, so the review system isn't reliable (and sometimes these are by supposed "trusted" reviewers). My stance is far from one of having something to hide, but rather from a sense of fairness and justice (which, if you know anything about INTJs, is also very important). Lastly, I only rarely enjoy the company of someone new. My play time is usually spent with trusted friends, and most people prefer to be circumspect, regardless of how I personally feel about reviews.

Q: Do you like kinky play?
A: Some of the best experiences in my life have been very vanilla and sensual, but adding a little kink to the repertoire keeps things interesting. I like it as an option when desires and passions lead there. I identify most as a sensual submissive, but I experiment as a switch on occasion, and I enjoy power exchange, bondage, and a good OTK spanking with trusted partners. I'm also quite good with role play; I've had a lot of practice in my imagination, and I think that it shows when I play!

Q: Are there types of activities, kink, or role play that you are not into?
A: I don't enjoy any activity that is painful, so that is my hard limit, but that leaves a plethora of possibilities and activities to explore. While I am open to most role play, I'm not into taboo age play or daddy/daughter scenarios; I prefer to be honest about what I like so there is mutual enjoyment. I'm also not the loudest of women, and unless I'm acting out a role, I will behave naturally. Occasionally, some equate volume with pleasure, but that's not the case for me.

Q: Why don't you have a menu? I want to know what I can expect.
A: A memorable experience doesn't follow a menu or formula. While I DO play safe, I am open-minded and passionate, and I like to connect to people I'm with on an individual basis; having a list of activities takes away from this in my opinion. Satisfying interactions happen because of chemistry, so if a "menu" item is of ultimate importance, then I am not the best match for you. Unsafe practices are always off-limits, so please, do not ask for or attempt anything unsafe; doing so shows me you have no respect for my boundaries.

Q: How will you be dressed when we meet?
A: If I am meeting you in public, I will be discreetly and appropriately dressed for the occasion. Please don't ask me to dress inappropriately in public! Behind closed doors, let me know if you have requests; otherwise, my default is something lacy underneath the outer layers.

Q: Are you for real?
A: Hopefully you can tell from my website, which is far from cookie-cutter in content, word choice, and tone, that I am who and what I say I am. I don't use hyperbole or exaggeration when describing myself so there should be no disappointment when you meet me.

Q: Why do you do this if you really have other options?
A: I only do this part-time, and doing this is more fun than you obviously imagine! This really is much more exciting than traditional dating for someone who isn't marriage-minded; I get to enjoy all the fun of a relationship without the everyday stressors that typical relationships must weather.

Q: Are you really a nerd?
A: My educational/work background usually qualifies me in most people's minds; however, I personally don't feel that alone puts me firmly in nerdom territory, but I also engage in enough nerdy hobbies to justly claim the appellation. Ask me about my favorite computer builds or my dual-boot setup (even though I was not a comp sci major), con attendance, or my days as a member of a raid team in a MMORPG. I also put together my own website (for good or bad!) the old-school way, with a text editor (Notepad++) and html/css/scripts. Maybe I'll break down at some point and use a WYSIWYG app (I definitely don't get high marks in graphic design), but I like to tinker!

Q: Why do you charge more for incall?
A: I don't offer my time as a companion everyday, and when I do, I focus on one person, so it doesn't make sense for me to maintain a separate incall location. I am not comfortable seeing people in my home, partly for safety, and partly because I know too many people in my community who are undoubtedly less open-minded than I am.

Q: What alternate payment options do you offer?
A: I accept major credit cards and certain gift cards, but I will only discuss alternate options after thorough screening.

Q: Since you are sensitive to smells, is there anything I should know?
A: My preference is for you to skip cologne or perfume, but please still use deodorant (an unscented variety is nice if you have that). I'm also able to wear a few essential oils without any irritation, so I can wear a subtle fragrance if that is your preference.

Q: Are you bisexual?
A: In the right setting and with the right company, I enjoy playing with women as well as men. I never considered myself bisexual in the traditional sense, but after exploring, I've realized that for me, attraction transcends gender, and I truly enjoy the sensuality that a woman brings to the equation.

Q: Do you play with couples?
A: I am open to playing with couples, but it is very important that everyone connect and have similar expectations so the experience will be great for all. I do not charge extra for time spent with couples.

Q: Will you play with two men?
A: Yes, I will, but I must also be interested in the type of experience desired, and an extra level of trust is needed, so this is something I only do with known play partners.

Q: Why won't you add me on LinkedIn?
A: I keep this side of my life separate from my public one. I have a Twitter feed for this life, but I don't follow dates unless we've met.

Q: Do you have a wish list?
A: If you really want to do something nice, I have a couple of favorite charities, and donations to them would also make me feel great. One outstanding local educational outreach organization is in need of a few generous benefactors due to red-tape from a recent grant award they received; if you are interested, please contact me privately for more information (for discretion, I can't name them here). Additionally, the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank is another great local charity; everyone needs food, and they have an excellent charity score rating so your dollars (or food) go to good use.

Since some people really want a list, I've created a wishlist at Amazon. Wine is something I always enjoy, and small gestures of kindness mean a lot to me. Another way to send gifts easily is through Gift Rocket.